Strength & Mobility Workshop for Low Back Pain

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Strength & Mobility Workshop for Low Back Pain

In 2016 I’m offering a series of Strength & Mobility Workshops to address common dysfunctions in movements patterns. The goal is to give people the tools to live happier, healthier, active and pain-free lifestyles. 

Does your low back pain inhibit your ability to exercise as much as you’d like to? Do you worry about hurting your back when you pick up someone or something heavy? Does your lower back ache after a long day at work? Are you stuck in a stretching and strengthening rut? Is 2016 the year you’re going to banish back pain for good?

I am here to teach you exercises to lengthen and strengthen your body so it can be strong and limber for whatever activities you love to do

Our first topic is low back pain, and the workshop will be hosted in Santa Barbara, CA on January 30th. Space is limited to 4-10 people, and you can reserve your spot here.

What you’ll learn about:

  • Proper spinal alignment & how to find a neutral spine position
  • Exercises you can do anywhere, anytime to keep your back and core strong
  • Different techniques and tools for self-myofascial release, and the best ways to foam roll
  • How to move to keep your back safe
  • How and when to effectively stretch for long-term results

What we’ll do:

  • Bodyweight back & core strengthening exercises, including Foundation Training
  • Mobility and stretching exercises using foam rollers, rumble rollers, mobility balls, and resistance band based stretching methods

You’ll walk away with:

  • A take home guide including 15+ strengthening, mobilizing and stretching exercises you can do at home
  • A new perspective on how you can strengthen your core and lengthen your fascia and muscles to prevent and alleviate chronic low back pain
  • A great workout that leaves you feeling strong and limber

We have limited spots! Reserve your space by registering here.


Strength & Stretching Exercises for Low Back Pain

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