I’ve been a bit MIA recently. Since Friday to be exact… but it’s hard for me to believe only 4 days have passed.

Time feels a bit uncalibrated because I spent the weekend completely and totally engrossed in an experience I poured my heart out on. So much has transpired and come to being in the past few days that time seems to have simultaneously stood still and propelled forth at light-speed.Thank you Start Up Weekend Santa Barbara for completely and totally rocking my world.

I timidly set foot into Avalina Winebar on Friday night… unsure of myself, unsure of my value and unsure of what was to come that weekend. I was walking in a fitness professional: someone who could teach you how to fire muscles you didn’t even know you had, pull you into your body and push you to your physical limit. I know I can kick your ass in a way that will make you come back for more. But I felt so out of place walking into an entrepreneurial tech-focused event… what value did I have there? I didn’t even have an idea to pitch. Who was going to want me on their team?

Fast-forward 54 hours later, and my team and I put together an incredible project to create positive waves of change in the world. I was spontaneously called on stage to give 100 people a break from sitting a la Foundation Training style. And, to boot, I now see the tremendous value I offer–to teammates, clients and the business world.

I’m about to get super spiritual on ya’ll right now.

Tonight I was listening to Deepak Chopra. And he hit me with this:

“Passion is the free flow of natural energy that leads us towards the fulfillment of our dreams, desires and purpose in life. When we do anything with passion, we express every aspect of who we are. Time seems to stand still as we engage in whatever activity fills us with love, inspiration and joy. Without passion, life can feel flat or stale.” -Deepak Chopra

Start Up Weekend gave me the opportunity to engage in 54 hours of passionate and purposeful activity. I spent the weekend wholeheartedly engaged in activities that pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I was fully immersed in an environment that not only supported following your passion, but it catalyzed the process of bringing your dreams to fruition. Start Up Weekend aligned teams of people in creating incredible, passion-filled projects, brought in support through brilliant and insightful mentors and gave participants the resources needed to execute on their ideas and dreams in just 54 hours. Time stood still because Start Up Weekend Santa Barbara was fully engaged in activities that filled individuals with love, inspiration and joy.

Beth Alexander Fitness fans… I would like to introduce you to the project that filled me with love, inspiration and joy this weekend.

www.omza.co …Yoga for You

Omza Logo stacked-01

With teammates such as Commander Utkatasana, Thomas the Tank engine, Prana Purvi, Master of the Universe and Yoga Queen Chyra, I had a phenomenally fun weekend and helped develop a website that will help launch and keep people engaged in their practice of yoga. I cannot wait for little omza to grow… if we can put what you see above together in 54 hours, just imagine what we can do with a little bit more passion-filled time :).

To team Omza, the Start Up Weekend participants, mentors, sponsors and organizers, my friends and loved ones, and an extra-special shout-out to Sir Ben Williamson: Thank you for supporting me through an incredible weekend!


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